Wow so its been a long time since I posted!! In the mean time…Covid struck…and opportunity came knocking! For me covid brought about my redundancy from Oil and Gas…but also an amazing opportunity to get involved with a friend setting up Swim Smooth Wales. Swim Smooth is an awesome, world wide method of coaching swimming that’s fairly well recognised, british triathlon use their methods and material to teach their coaches for example! We are setting up Swim Smooth in Wales and will be doing the usual mix of stroke correction clinics and 1-1 coaching sessions….but as covid seems to have shut the pools, we have spent a fair bit of time building a business that will be capable of delivering these sessions in open water, so myself and the others have done the Open water coach L2 course, we have our session plans in place and everything there ready to be able to deliver the sessions as soon as covid allows. Its going to be ace!! What is it they say, if you can make your passion your job, you will never work a day again! Hope so!! The website is here:


So excited!

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