The game commences!

So after Varne ridge I was booked onto a relay. The window opened a day or two ago and we are waiting for the weather gods to play ball! Ideally you want high pressure and settled weather; we have a series of lows and are playing the game; pick the best window inbetween the weather!

We have had a great few days touristing around Dover, taking nervous call from our pilot and more touristing! The other problem with the game is you don’t know whether to swim….or not to swim! You don’t want to be too tired to play the big game, but you don’t want to not be training!

Every six hours the forecast seems to change and its on, off, on, off! Latest update (6pm 10-6-19) we are on for 3am tomorrow! Forecast is showing wind first thing so we are going to go down to the boat and see what it looks like, if its too much, we will go back to bed! If not, WE ARE ON!!!! excited beyond belief…but really need to sleep!

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