The dovercoaster!

Ok so, you book yourself a spot on a tide, usually that’s four swimmers to a week. If day one is good, swimmer one goes. Day two good weather, swimmer two goes, etc. If the weather is good, the pilot can get ahead. My pilot is ahead.

Ha rang me last week to ask how I was fit for this week…then rang again to ask if I could swim last Friday! Last Friday being a month early and only a week from my back to back! I did seriously consider it…but eventually turned it down as it was a huge spring tide. I figured if I was a bit tired from the back to back, the weather got up and there was a huge tide making things harder, id kick myself. Then hoping I wouldn’t be kicking myself for missing the shot!

One of the reasons that swung the decision was the pilot told me he had one swimmer booked on this weeks neap tide (smaller and theoretically easier). Long range weather looked good…so I agreed to potentially being second swimmer from Wednesday.

The real real difficulty in this game is the simple fact you do not know when you are going to go! I had a really nice long taper planned and have been disagreeing with people regarding when to start that for some time. This weekend I went and swam 3hours 20…which was probably more than I should, but it was all controlled and easy and I’ve had a lot of other days off.

Prepared to admit I was possibly wrong with starting the taper…as the pilot rang me again to ask about Wednesday; do I want to be swimmer one!

A few frantic calls to my crew…and it is on. 2 days time, 4am in the morning in the water! eeeek! Is that enough rest time since the weekend? Don’t know! Is that enough taper? Don’t know! Am I ready? Don’t know! At some point you need to roll the dice…and that’s now!

I think its ok. Ive done the training, I think ive recovered from the B2B, I think Ill be recovered from the weekend, I think the weather is perfect….theres a whole lot finger crossing, but we are going!!


Now arranging to get to dover; the crew will be posting on this facebook page on the day so follow that if you want to get updates from the boat!

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