Relay Qualifier

So I got a spot on a five person relay in June. Qualifying for a relay is a two hour swim in less than 15.5 degs. The team had agreed to meet at Clevedon Marine lake as it was almost in the middle of everyone. I arrived late on Thursday to find the temperature at nearly 15 degs! Quick swim (felt disappointingly cold!) then bed; I needed to be thinking about a solo qualifier (6hours)…

First thing Friday myself and Andrew dived in…and found it was back to 13.9! No worries, swim swim swim. First hour was fine, then I came in for a drink and reealised I was rubbing quite badly under my arms and the back of my neck. New hat, ok, maybe…but arms? Weird. I swam on for another half hour or so but it was really burning! Didn’t offer much of a restbite from the water which was starting to feel decidedly cold! Stopping for another drink the rub felt really really bad setting off for another lap so I decided to stop after two hours and a relay qualifier.  Although I felt cold in the water and shivered when I stopped, I didn’t really have any major shivers afterwards so I think I need to be mindful its hitting the crossover from where it just feels cold and miserable…but its not dangerously cold. Hench up and get on with it…

The rest of the team had arrived at this point and others set off for their two hours whilst I contemplated my chafe. Ok I hadn’t swum two hours in salt water for a long time but its not like Id done anything that different. Having thought about it, Im concluding it was the short Thursday night swim and not washing the salt off. Schoolboy error. The journey is a big learning curve and that kind of mistake WILL NOT happen again!.

Quick warm up and then another 45 mins, out, warm up, back in for another swim, just like it’ll be on the relay…but this time lubed up! Everyone that needed their two hour swims got them done so it is on!


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