I live in the sleepy Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl on the Bristol Channel. Our house is the last one on solid ground before the sand dunes start. When the tide is right, this is the question that pops up on my phone.

Anyone in for a swim?


Off the slip?


Sun, rain, shine, wind, hail, snow, ice, early late, dark; question is the same…and almost always, so is the answer!

As a kid I swam a lot and had a reputation for shivering and vomiting. By the age of 12 I’d done just about every badge I could and drifted away from swimming. In my early 30’s I took up triathlon, and took swimming back up again! After 3 Ironmans I got injured and started hitting the swimming really, really hard to make up for the lack of bike and run. I discovered I didn’t need a wetsuit, I discovered I could go quite long, and I discovered I really quite enjoyed it!

This year I have swum a 12 mile pool swim, the channel as a relay, and swam for 8 hours (and about 16miles) in Loch Lomond. Its now November and we are still swimming everyday off the slip, in just our speedos.

Next year is the biggy, 24mile pool swim, English Channel solo. The blog is here to record the ups and downs of the next ten months and see where the journey goes!

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