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ThrustSSC at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

There are two sides to the technology behind ThrustSSC - the car itself, and the equipment used to support operations of the car.


ThrustSSC herself is the result of 2½ years of research into the shape of a supersonic vehicle, followed by another 2 years and some 100,000 manhours of build. Not only is the reseach and design fascinating of itself, but the story of that research makes compelling reading.

Please check our Engineering section for more information.


The equipment used to support ThrustSSC is no less fascinating. Never before in an attempt on the World Land Speed Record has so much specialised technology been gathered together, not just to make it possible, but to make it as safe as possible. From a 155mph firechase, to a 6-ton capacity fork-lift capable of use over the roughest terrain; from car-to-pits telemetry to satellite communications; this is the story of that equipment.

Please check our Equipment section for more information.

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