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ThrustSSC at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

This is the story of ThrustSSC - a car designed to set the first ever supersonic World Land Speed Record. Conceived with a capability of reaching 850mph, it is the most powerful car ever built.

It is also the story of the ThrustSSC Team. From the easily recognised faces of current record-holder Richard Noble and Driver Andy Green, to the never-seen people working behind the scenes to make it all happen, this is the story of their struggles to beat bad weather, restricted funding, unforeseen setbacks - and stiff competition to be the first through the Sound Barrier.

This is not an unchanging story with an ending we have known since childhood - no-one knows for certain what the future will bring for ThrustSSC. This is a living adventure brought to you through the Internet - and this Web Site is part of our attempt to involve as many people as possible, from as far afield as possible, in our quest to be the first. Whether you choose to follow every step of our progress from home or office, or prefer to put on your overalls and help us out, this is your chance to say: 'I was there!'.

Jeremy Davey, ThrustSSC Internet

For more information on the ThrustSSC Project, please investigate the following sections of this Web Site:

Latest News

All news is posted in our Latest News section at the first opportunity. During desert operations, it is posted on an hourly basis - via our satellite link. To get the very latest news, check our Supersonic Race Update.

Live Pictures

Whether we're operational on a desert or working on the car back at base in Farnborough, we try to keep you up to speed on what is happening through our online Web Cameras showing us working away - live! To see what we're up to, please see our Live Pictures page.


From current holder of the World Land Speed Record, Richard Noble, to every member of the team working behind the scenes, we would like to tell you about the people making this project happen. To find out more, please see our Team pages.


It taskes an exceptional person to strap himself into a 110,000 horsepower jet car and drive it at over 800mph across a dried mud desert. RAF fighter pilot Sqn Ldr Andy Green is that person. To meet the requirements of his role, Andy has undergone rigorous training to equip him to cope with any circumstance that might arise. To learn more, please see our Driver pages.

The Story To Date

Since early 1996 the story of the project has been told in massive detail through the Internet. For the benefit of those who have only recently joined the readership, we have kept all the old news pages. To learn more about the past struggles and successes of the project, please see our Story To Date pages.

Land Speed Record History

If you are producing a more 'in-depth' article on the ThrustSSC Project, you may also be looking for information on the background to this attempt on the Unlimited World Land Speed Record and the Sound Barrier. Our History pages detail all previous holders of the record, and their stories.

Runs Database

Information from ThrustSSC's telemetry and data logging is loaded into an online database - including information on peak speeds, distances run, maximum acceleration and deceleration achieved, Driver and Team notes, and meteorological conditions. This information is loaded within minutes of each run, providing the first information of it to the world. To study the information available, please check our Runs Database.


Occasionally we get correspondence at ThrustSSC that we think is worth sharing with the rest of the world. To find out who writes to us, and what they write about, please see our Correspondence pages.

Help Wanted

From time to time the ThrustSSC project needs specialist help. At other times we are looking for sheer manpower to help us with a large task. If you would like help us, please check our Help Wanted pages to see if there is something you feel you could do.

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