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Mike Hearn

Fireman and Roadshows

Mike Hearn

Current Residence:

Guildford, Surrey


1st January 1942

Place of birth:


Marital Status:

Married to Ninetta with 2 children.


I worked in the theatre and ICI before setting up my own company and I'm going to remain self-employed!

How did you get involved in the project?

I rejoined after the Thrust 2 Project.

Responsibilities in the UK:

I organise the Road Shows.

Responsibilities in Jordan:

I'm one of the firemen. I also organise the track fodding.

Responsibilities in the US:

As for Jordan.

Previous crazy ventures:

Thrust 2!

Favourite Music:

Wide Taste

What sort of books would you read if you had the time?

Tom Clancy, Trollope, Dick Francis and Arthur C. Clarke.


Computers, houses and cars.

What do you want to do when the project is over?

Move house and recover lost business!

What have you learned from this experience?

Never do it again!

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