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Record Run
ThrustSSC enters the measured mile - every run costs $33,000

Many of our regular readers have heard the reporting in the UK that our finances are very tight and that we may have to return home having run out of the money to complete our primary objective - the world's first supersonic World Land Speed Record.

We came out here with 80% of budget. Current predictions show that we will run out of money around the 13th of October. If we have any more down days due to bad weather, we may have to return home having almost reached a historic first. In the past we have been fortunate enough to attract funding from such corporates as Castrol and BTR without whose support we would not be here. Today we hold one of the most significant World Land Speed Records in history (subject to confirmation by the FIA) and are having serious problems attracting more funding. We are working on further corporate sponsorship, but cannot explain why the recent reponse has been so poor.

Many of our readers have offered to assist, and have asked how they can do so. If you would like to join them, please do so in one of the following ways:

  1. By Post - just print off the online form and send it in
  2. By Fax - just print off the online form and fax it in
  3. By Email - just check out the online form and email us the requested details
Thank-you for your contribution!

Project Supporters

The ThrustSSC Team would like to thank the following individuals and companies who have given their support to the project:

  1. Flupac Ltd
  2. Giles Warrack
  3. Microcadam Ltd
  4. Rolls-Royce plc
  5. TI Group plc
  6. Peter Hodder-Williams, Aiguamurcia
  7. Martyn Shorten, Portland
  8. Paul Jee, Pleshey
  9. John Levy, Los Altos
  10. Keith White, Chatteris
  11. Terry Hyde, Coventry
  12. Andrew Graves, Ventura
  13. Ian Aitken-Kemp, Stoneyburn
  14. Rick Hughes, Santa Monica
  15. James Oglethorpe, Falls Church
  16. David Mead, Greenmount
  17. Alec Malyon, Oakland
  18. Nigel Kennell, Heanor
  19. Brian Morrison, Cotton End
  20. Colin Hall, Moseley
  21. Matthew Cole, Fleet
  22. Dale Vanderhoof, Weed
  23. Anthony Ambler, Austin
  24. Charles, Lawrence
  25. James Vasbinder, San Jose
  26. Colin Martin, Poole
  27. Ian Smale, New Malden
  28. John Mulligan, Worcester
  29. John Burden, Warwick
  30. Howard Wassall, Stockholm
  31. Andrew and Jamie Cranfield, Wincanton
  32. Jon Rushton, Bristol
  33. Pil Smith, High Wycombe
  34. Mike Aubert, Jersey
  35. Max Stern, Leamington Spa
  36. Nic Percival, Thatcham
  37. Andrew Preece, Oxford
  38. James Walter, Salisbury
  39. Adam Buckley, Rotterdam
  40. Andy Smith, London
  41. Ken Smith, Billericay
  42. John Clayton, Sittingbourne
  43. Jean-Francois Peyroux, Maranello
  44. Nick Shryane, Hull
  45. Hugh McKenzie, Shenfield
  46. Bill MacGillivray, Stubbington
  47. Chris Followell, Bristol
  48. Stefan Creaser, Cambridge
  49. Keith Oborn, Reading
  50. David Smith, Billericay
  51. Ian Gibson, Phoenix
  52. Sean Wright, Kuala Lumpur
  53. Euan McMaster, Beckenham
  54. Tim Saxton, Bebington
  55. Alan Davis, Ringwood
  56. Ivan Sansom, Birmingham
  57. Gergory McGann, Granite Falls
  58. Isoform Ltd, Market Drayton
  59. Phil Parker, Warwick
  60. James Culp, Johnson City
  61. Adam Strachan-Stephens, Versailles
  62. David Turner, Neath Hill
  63. Jeb Mayers, Wantage
  64. Barry Quelch, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
  65. Geoff Maidment, Broxbourne
  66. Jamie Mutton, Stockport
  67. Andrew Beaumont
  68. Bernard Scouse, Milton Keynes
  69. Nick Clark, Christchurch
  70. Mark Blount-Stonhham, Orpington
  71. John Bradshaw, Springs
  72. Peter Seavers, Burnley
  73. David Buckley, Croydon
  74. Nic Breese, Milton Keynes
  75. Robin Bater, Seattle
  76. Immo Huneke, Carshalton
  77. Bernard Rushton, Billericay
  78. Gary Percival, Houston
  79. Adrian Saunders, Somerset
  80. Scott McNeil, Beijing
  81. Ian Kennett, Harlow
  82. Keith Winterburn
  83. Ted and Vera Matthews, Reno
  84. David Mason, Adelaide
  85. Nathan Andress, Reno
  86. Deets Electric, Castro Valley
  87. Douglas Newman, San Francisco
  88. Hamish Low, Hong Kong
  89. Phil Atkin, West Linn
  90. John Kime, Cheltenham
  91. Paul Hardwick
  92. Les Fisher, Liden
  93. Julian Goddard, Lydeard St. Lawrence
  94. Jeremy Lowe, Watford
  95. Peter Allan, Epsom
  96. Brian Simmons, Liphook
  97. Matt Rutter, Bracknell
  98. Steve Hyde, Frankfurt
  99. Paul Galpin, Newbury
  100. Malcolm Phillips, Canterbury
  101. Greg Trezise, Wells
  102. Danny Chitty, Rickmansworth
  103. Eric Grevstad, Cos Cob
  104. Steve Fowler, Chalfont St. Peter
  105. Howard Haigh, Hindley Green
  106. Marc Goddard, Cagnes sur Mer
  107. Dave Thomas, Stoke-on-Trent
  108. Matthew and John Orme, Littleover
  109. Ian Fettes, Heritage Park
  110. Mark Lewis, Susan Wood
  111. Ian Meredith, Ross-on_Wye
  112. Neale Upstone, Cambridge
  113. Graham Hirst, Merrow
  114. George Gilbert, Seattle
  115. John Kallend, Glenwood
  116. Terry Worledge, Southwick
  117. Vincent Maund, Ipswich
  118. Maxview Ltd, King's Lynn
  119. Phil Marshall, Letchworth
  120. Mark Buckland, Kings Langley
  121. David Howe, Clacton-on-Sea
  122. Steve Sprules, Luton
  123. Martin Evans, Bristol
  124. Neil Davies, Morristown
  125. Stuart Forman, Stamford
  126. Sean Bignall, Lopen
  127. Robert Kirkbride, Cheadle
  128. Tony Bowker, Ramona
  129. Rob Jonson, Oxford
  130. David Radford, London
  131. Rob Howe, Stockport
  132. John Page, Dormansland
  133. The Stones Family, Ecton
  134. John Wall, Farnborough
  135. Nicholas Shaxted, Falkirk
  136. David and Ieuan Jenkins, Buxhall
  137. Todd Browning, Sacramento
  138. Andrew Woolley, Old Coulsdon
  139. Ray Hunter, Eindhoven
  140. Robin and Joanna Townsend, Shanghai
  141. Stephen Beardmore, Maidstone
  142. Colin Grieve, Wellington
  143. Peter Johnston, Oldmeldrum
  144. Craig Sulzer, Johannesburg
  145. Scott Wheeler, Sunbury-on-Thames
  146. James Palmer, Angier
  147. Russell Cox, Bartlesville
  148. David Fell, Bradford
  149. David Priestley, Muncaster
  150. Adrian Rayson, Henley-on-Thames
  151. Neil Souter, Gloucester
  152. Paul Hardy, Osaka
  153. William Hill, Norwich
  154. Richard Warner, Emsworth
  155. Simon Goulder, Denmead
  156. Simon Warner, Southbourne
  157. Tom Eckhoff, Petersfield
  158. Bob Winter, Grand Forks
  159. Dave Keogh, South Croydon
  160. Doug Clark, Maastricht
  161. The Hobbs Family, Fareham
  162. Shirley Worrall, Longhope
  163. Steve Croft, Hitchin
  164. Nick Moody, Bristol
  165. Chris Desborough, MissionViejo
  166. Massimo Pecorari, Roma
  167. David Douglas, Vanier
  168. Martyn Shields, Preston
  169. Stephen Bynon, Manchester
  170. Eric Bynon, Manchester
In addition we would like to thank all those who have given their support, but who wish to remain anonymous.

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