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Team Pegasus - Leading Edge To ThrustSSC Record Attempt

The World Championship winning team of Simon Baker and Pegasus Aviation of Marlborough have been specially chosen by Richard Noble to assist his ThrustSSC project in their attempt on the first Supersonic World Land Speed Record. The latest Pegasus Quantum 912 aircraft will be flown by Simon and his partner David Lane (current Co-Round Britain Record holder) for track inspection and aerial safety surveying during ThrustSSC record runs.

Simon and David, who own the Microlight flying company of Freedom Sports Aviation were asked by Mr John Fack, Marketing Director of Pegasus Aviation, to form Team Pegasus for this task. With their experience of expeditions and difficult situations the team will also provide aerial photography and transport in the deserts to support the ThrustSSC project.

Team Pegasus's "high tech" flying support for Thrust's Supersonic Project are aided by Ozee Leisure Clothing, Lynx Communications, Rohan Designs, Pegasus Aviation, Freedom Sports Aviation and Robinson Corporate Insurance Brokers.


Max level speed88mph (141km/h)Fuel cons @ 60mph8 litres/hr
VNE90mph (145km/h)Max pilot/pass weight172kgs
Trim Speed range50-65mphMin pilot weight55kgs
Climb rate @ Max Take Off Weight1100fpm (6m/s)Climb rate @ 55kgs1600fpm (8m/s)
Stall speed @ MTOW30mph (48km/h)Max RPM5500
Take off to 15m, MTOW150mLanding dist from 15m,MTOW170m
Ultimate strength+6g, -3gRPM @ 60mph3700
Manoeuvre loads+4g, -0gMTOW390kgs

For more information on Team Pegasus and this leading edge high flying project, please contact:

David Lane
Freedom Sports Aviation
   Tel: +44-(0)1562-884585
   Fax: +44-(0)1562-884585
Mobile: +44-(0)410-229082

Simon Baker
Freedom Sports Aviation
   Tel: +44-(0)1283-716265
Mobile: +44-(0)802-728051

John Fack, Pegasus Aviation
   Tel: +44-(0)1672-861578
   Fax: +44-(0)1672-861550

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