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Protecting ThrustSSC From Fire

ThrustSSC's cockpit
ThrustSSC's Cockpit. Image: Kidde International

KIDDE INTERNATIONAL, the world's leading fire protection company and largest manufacturer of fire extinguishers globally, is delighted to be supporting the THRUSTSSC PROGRAMME.

KIDDE International has sales of over £700m and is part of Williams Plc., one of Britain's top 100 companies.

KIDDE International is rich in capability, covering the full spectrum of the fire protection triangle; Detection, Control and Suppression. KIDDE International is active in the following sectors; Aerospace and Defence; Hazard Sensing; Foam and Hose; Industrial Fire Protection; Portable Extinguishers and Ancillary Fire Protection Equipment for both commercial and retail markets.

With almost all aircraft flying having a KIDDE fire protection product fitted, using KIDDE technology to protect the THRUSTSSC PROGRAMME is a logical progression.

The KIDDE fire protection system being supplied for THRUSTSSC is unique and utilises the world renowned KIDDE Firewire(TM) in both engine bays, avionics and hydraulic bay. Firewire has been used in numerous aircraft, including Concorde and the Boeing 747.

Overheat protection is provided by two high speed resetting switches mounted in the engine bleed duct. The existing system, containing the new non-ozone depleting extinguishant FM-2OOTM, comprises four extinguishers - one located in each of the two engine bays, avionics and hydraulic bay.

The KIDDE cockpit detection and suppression system is independent of the engine and fuselage system and utilises KIDDE optical flame detectors to trigger the suppression system.

A number of KIDDE car portable extinguishers have also been supplied to protect the ground support vehicles. One such vehicle being the specially designed and re-fitted KIDDE JAGUAR XJR fire tender which is to be known as "FIRECHASE". This high performance vehicle has been transformed into a rapid response unit carrying on board KIDDE ANGUS foam system; KIDDE THORN and WALTER KIDDE PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS together with specialist cutting equipment. The FIRECHASE is the world's fastest fire tender, capable of speeds in excess of 150mph.

Not only will "FIRECHASE" offer the THRUSTSSC team a level of protective comfort, but will also soon be seen offering additional fire protection at major motor racing events, including Silverstone.

For further information, contact:

Bob Farquhar,
KIDDE International Ltd

  Tel: +44 (0)1753-683245
  Fax: +44 (0)1753-682572

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