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Fire Safety - The Number One Priority

Safety has always been the main priority of the ThrustSSC team and the project has been a catalyst in the sharing of expertise and knowledge from completely separate industries. Kidde International, a British-based global fire protection company, has pooled its resources to create a unique and sophisticated fire safety system which protects Andy Green as he attempts the world speed record.

Several companies from the Kidde group have contributed to the project but it is a particularly unusual involvement for Kidde Safety (who normally supply consumer fire protection products ranging from fire blankets to carbon monoxide detectors to fire escape ladders) to be called upon by the Thrust team! The Kidde Safety Fireaway 110 extinguishers for use on the Kidde Jaguar Firechase rescue vehicle - the fastest fire engine in the world - this is only part of the equipment available on the customised Jaguar.

Kidde is delighted to be associated with the Thrust project and hopes that this project can help to raise public awareness of fire safety. Each year the fire brigade is called to over 60,000 house fires in the UK and 500 people loose their lives - figures which we must all strive to reduce.

In partnership with several fire brigades, Kidde is further promoting fire safety awareness to the public during Fire Safety Week 1997 from 29th September to 4th October. Throughout the UK, fire brigades will be promoting domestic fire safety. The Fireaway 110 used on the Kidde Firechase vehicle is the world's best selling extinguisher weighing in at just 1.1 kg: it stands well above the competition with a specification high enough to be selected for the Thrust programme and able to tackle wood, paper, liquid, grease and gaseous fires. Fire Safety week activities aim to remind people that these products could protect their lives too - not just those who are attempting the land speed record!

Media information packs, public seminars, posters and exhibitions and special promotions will help to develop public awareness toward the benefit of more stringent fire safety in the home. For information on the Kidde Safety campaign and a copy of the media information pack or poster call 0161 324 9591.

For further information, please contact:

Michelle Cockrill
Kidde International
Mathisen Way

  Tel: +44(0)1753-683245

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