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Thrustbrief 43 - 12th October 1997

Battle for Mach 1 On Land

Today the ThrustSSC team had planned to run to Mach 1 early morning but the track inspection showed that the Black Rock Desert had still not dried adequately at the North end to allow full use of the 13 mile tracks needed for the supersonic runs.

Runs 61 and 62 are planned for Mach 1.015 and 1.036 which dependant on ambient temperature could mean ground speeds as high at 780mph.

Despite fine weather and higher temperatures today, the desert under surface dried well but was judged insufficient for the very high speed runs. At these high subsonic airspeeds the supersonic airflow under the car pulverises the desert and the Thrust team are concerned that variations in the desert consistency could cause directional stability problems. Driver Andy Green is happy with the transonic stability, but the Design Team are reluctant to introduce new variables at this very critical stage.

Fine weather and higher temperatures are expected on Monday - and the Thrust team plan to attempt the supersonic LSR about midday.

Spirit of America made two runs today to 517mph and 530mph.

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