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Thrustbrief 42 - 10th October 1997

Battle for Mach 1 On Land

Today was another day of weather misfortune for the ThrustSSC team. The track priority lay with the Spirit of America team who passed it to the ThrustSSC team in time for an 11.15 am run. Weather conditions were cold but windless - and light rain had improved the track. The objectives for Run 61 were Mach 1.015 (769mph ground speed) and Run 62 Mach 1.036 (784 mph ground speed - both runs assuming 12C ambient temp).

With ThrustSSC towed out to start, the weather changed dramatically with heavy showers and the attempt had to be delayed for two and a half hours. By 1400hrs the track had dried and conditions were superb. At this point the teams medical evacuation Turbo Commander aircraft developed engine starter problems and a replacement aircraft was flown out with spares. The replacement aircraft was not suitable for medical evacuation and with the Turbo Commander still unserviceable there was no alternative but to abandon runs for the day. At 1700hrs the desert was hit by the first of a series of heavy rain squalls.

The project is delighted to announce that Sterling Software Ltd has joined the venture as a sponsor - bringing much needed financial relief. Sterling Software is also the employer of Jeremy Davey, the ThrustSSC Webmaster and developer of the highly successful ThrustSSC web site - which is approaching its 30 millionth access this week.

A parallel funding appeal is also being conducted over the Internet and substantial sums are being generated to enable the project to remain on site.

A substantial improvement in the weather is forecast for the 11th and 12th with high pressure and much higher temperatures and it is hoped to complete the supersonic runs over the next two days.

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