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Aussie Invader 3

Information last updated: 27th November 1997

Aussie Invader 3 and the Aussie Invader Team
(Aussie Invader 3 and the Aussie Invader Team. Image courtesy of the Aussie Invader 3 Team)

Aussie Invader 2 on Lake Gairdner
(Aussie Invader 2 on Lake Gairdner. Image courtesy of the Aussie Invader 3 Team)

With a goal of bringing the World Land Speed Record to Australia, Rosco McGlashan has an Australian car, an Australian team, Australian sponsors, and an Australian site. He also holds the Australian record.

For a number of years, Rosco has been campaigning his first LSR car, Aussie Invader 2, on the salt-flats of Lake Gairdner in Western Australia. Looking very like the current record holder, Thrust 2, Aussie Invader 2 has achieved speeds approaching 600mph, yielding Rosco's current Australian record. Serious directional stability problems on the hard salt, however, led to a number of incidents, including striking a timing light at speed and severely damaging the car.

Aussie Invader 3
(Aussie Invader 2 on Lake Gairdner. Image courtesy of the Aussie Invader 3 Team)

Rosco has now constructed a new car, Aussie Invader 3, to a similar design but with a more powerful engine and the front wheels mounted further forward to give him the much-needed stability on the hard, unyielding salt. Supersonic capability is claimed for the car.

With only a long, long dirt track for access and no large settlements nearby, Lake Gairdner may be the best site for running jet-cars in Australia, but it's remoteness has caused huge logistical difficulties. Realising that a long stay on the lake is required to develop the car to record speeds, McGlashan erected a makeshift village, Machville, in early 1997 which was the team's base. Sadly the lake failed to dry all year, and by November McGlashan was forced to dismantle the village and wait until 1998.

Lake Gairdner
(Lake Gairdner. Image courtesy of the Aussie Invader 3 Team)

The Aussie Invader 3 Team are continuing their campaign to take the World Land Speed Record, and plan to fit a more powerful engine in order to beat the ThrustSSC Team's supersonic World Land Speed Record of 763.035mph.

More information about Rosco McGlashan and Aussie Invader 3 is available on his Web Site at

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