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Project Bulletins

Every now and again in the life of this project events occur that can't wait for the Newsletters. For all those not equipped to access the net, we have to send out hard copy information. Rather than restrict it to just the news being covered, we try to add whatever current information we have.

Old Project Bulletins are recorded here for the sake of completeness. As you will gather when you read them, they refer to events that have passed, so please donīt try to respond to them!!!

Mach 1 News

- electronic newsletters for club members

We have a limited stock of back issues of Mach 1 News that can be purchased at £2.00 per newsletter (including postage & packing). Please see the form for how to order.

Club Talk

- bulletins from Mach 1 Club Members overseas with the team

Black Rock

Jordan 1996 and 1997

Special in depth LSR feature articles by LSR experts

New articles will here appear at regular intervals.

Question Time

Do you have a question for the Thrust SSC Team about this project, other projects, history of the LSR, or indeed any other aspect of record-breaking? Then ask us by emailing individual team members.

Mail boxes are checked regularly and we will publish the answers to all your questions for other club members to share.

Club members' events

In this section of the Club pages, we are proud to publish articles submitted by Club members.

Any more budding authors out there?!?

We invite Mach 1 Club members to send us articles written by yourself on ThrustSSC or a related topic. We will publish the best ones from time to time. Please send your articles to

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