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If you are already a Mach 1 Club member, thanks for your support - it has already helped the project enormously. But if you'd like to help us even more, then please think about upgrading your membership.

We are putting a lot of effort into making the Thrust SSC Internet site one of the best around, and are planning many more goodies that will be available soon. As someone who can access the Internet, why not become an electronic member of the Mach 1 Club.

Existing members can easily transfer to Electronic status. As promised, it will cost you nothing to change. When you transfer, we will give you a username and password so that you can get into the electronic members' exclusive pages. Here, you will find

Other benefits of electronic membership include

In return for these new benefits, we are asking you to give up receiving a copy of future Mach 1 News by post. By doing this, you will be helping the club to reduce costs, and therefore the project gains your extra support. However, you can continue receiving a copy of Mach 1 News as an electronic member, although we will be asking for a nominal sum to cover costs.

or how about Gold membership? - even more benefits!

For a one-off cost of   £60 (sixty UK pounds sterling), you will receive

Remember: The Mach 1 Club pages can only be accessed by Electronic Mach 1 Club members.

If you'd like to change to be an electronic member (or have any further questions about it), email us now at

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