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ThrustSSC Mach 1 Club

Come and join us now!

Not yet a member of our exclusive club? Here's why you should be ....

We're going to break the sound barrier on land...

... and you can be part of it. Joining the Mach 1 Club makes you a personal sponsor.

When Richard Noble launched the Thrust SSC project in June 1994, he also announced his intention of making this exciting venture as 'interactive' as possible by initiating a range of programmes and events designed to bring record-breaking closer to people who want to get involved in creating a piece of history.

You can help us to achieve a World First by setting a new supersonic Land Speed Record.

Here's the deal...

What you get

By becoming a member of our club, you get lots of benefits ...

  • Membership of an exclusive club
  • Access to the members only pages containing (see below)
  • Invitations to club events and open days
  • personal email bulletins with project news and www update announcements
  • Questions and answers by email directly with the project team
  • A chance to win a trip to Black Rock desert, and being a team member for a week

What the project gets

We make very good use of your membership subscription. So far, it has directly funded essential parts of the car. Without them, it would be impossible to drive!

One good example is:

  • The windscreen.
    Can you imagine an 850mph wind in your hair? Neither could we, so we thought we'd better have a decent windscreen!

In addition, Mach 1 Club subscriptions are a valuable financial boost to the project, equivalent to many major sponsors!.

Mach 1 Club members are also tremendous source of enthusiastic volunteers - the response to appeals for help is always magnificent.

How about Gold membership? - even more benefits!

For a one-off cost of  £60 (sixty UK pounds sterling), you will receive all the benefits listed above plus ...

Mach 1 Club exclusive pages

On joining the Mach 1 club, you will be given your own password to access the Mach 1 Club Internet pages. There, you'll find ...


Want to be a part of history?

Here's how to join

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