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Chapter 10 - New Horizons
The End Of The Story, England, Winter 1997

With the successful achievement of the project's objective - the first Supersonic World Land Speed Record - the ThrustSSC Team and returned home with their car to England. It was a rapturous welcome - with appearances on television, at events all over the country, and in the Lord Mayor's Show.

With the project over though, there was no choice but to disband the team. As with successful Land Speed Record teams before them, achievement of the project's goal meant that unemployment beckoned for many. With only a skeleton crew remaining to close off the project's affairs, those who had jobs to return to did so, the remainder went in search of work. Everything except the car, Pit Station and the Spey 205 engines was auctioned off.

The equipment may have been sold, and the car and Pit Station destined for a museum, but the greatest legacy was a mark in the history books:


15th October 1997


Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA




Andy Green


763.035mph, Mach 1.020

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