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Farnborough, England - 11th November 1997

ThrustSSC Project Status

Individual Status Reports


  1. ThrustSSC has reached a highest speed through the measured mile to date of 766mph on Wednesday 15th October 1997, a Mach number of 1.020
  2. ThrustSSC set a new Unlimited World Land Speed Record of 763.035mph on Wednesday 15th October 1997
  3. The car is now being displayed at events around the UK
  4. A compressor wash was undertaken on the twin Spey 202's today. It was probably the last time that ThrustSSC will be heard.


  1. The ThrustSSC Team are now disbanding. Those who have them have returned to their jobs. Apart from one or two dealing with final details, the remainder are now unemployed and seeking work.
  2. Andy Green has been nominated for "BBC Sports Personality of the Year" and the ThrustSSC Team have been nominated for "BBC Sports Team of the Year". If you would like to vote for them in support of the nominations, you can find forms in the Radio Times, on Ceefax and in British national Newspapers.


  1. England is very cold and damp after the desert

Web Site

  1. The Web Site is still runnning, having achieved in excess of 2.5 million accesses/day, 8 million/week

Jeremy Duck...

... has made it safely home and is looking forward to a reunion with the team.


Spirit of America Project Status

(Please note: any details published on this Web Site about the status, speeds and plans of the Spirit of America Team are not official. Official details are available on the Spirit of America Team's Web Site at

The Spirit of America Team are on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, to take the World Land Speed Record from the ThrustSSC Team.

  1. Spirit of America has reached a peak speed to date of 675mph on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, during the October 1996 record attempt
  2. Spirit of America has reached a 1997 peak speed to date of 636mph on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
  3. The Spirit of America team plan to run again shortly after new wheels have been fitted

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