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Project Status - Farnborough, England - 1st April 1997

The ThrustSSC Team are completing preparations for a return to Jordan to continue high-speed testing of ThrustSSC.

Live Information

The very latest status of ThrustSSC can be seen through the Microplex Web Camera in the workshop in P8R Shed, DRA, Farnborough:

Live image from the Web Camera

Please note:

Please click here for more information on the Microplex Web Camera.


  1. Design modifications to the rear suspension and steering to cure the high-speed shimmy are complete.
  2. Work to bring ThrustSSC up to supersonic standard is complete.
  3. Painting of the car in BASF Supersonic Black is complete.


The Jafr Desert, Jordan, has dried well and will be usable again shortly.

Plans for the coming week

You can follow the progress of work on the car in the Web Camera photograph above.

Please check our Runs Database for the very latest information on the progress of ThrustSSC - the database is always updated as soon as possible after the car runs - and always before any report is written and published.

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