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Issue 114 Lead Article - 7th May 1997

Information Centre Launched!

by Jeremy Davey, ThrustSSC Webmaster and Satellite Communications Manager

The latest information vehicle for the ThrustSSC project has just been launched. Supplementing the incredibly successful Web Site for those who do not always have convenient access to the Internet, the ThrustSSC Information Centre phone line provides a number of services:

  1. A recorded report of the latest project news
  2. A fax-back facility giving copies of the latest project report - as well as previous project reports
  3. A Media Registration facility
  4. The Digital Internet Help Line - to assist those who are having difficulties getting access to the Web Site
  5. Details on how to join the Mach 1 Club
  6. Details of how to contact the ThrustSSC Team by email

With the upcoming operations in Jordan less than 2 weeks away, keeping the world informed of the Team's progress will be critical. Many of the journalists reporting from the Jafr Desert will be operating away from their usual bases, often without the information links they are used to. The ThrustSSC Information Centre will form a vital link for them as they follow and report on the car's every move.

The ThrustSSC Information Centre can be contacted on:

0839-888-850 (from overseas: +44-839-888-850)

(Calls cost 49p per minute at all times)

We look forward to receiving your calls!

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