Thrust SSC - Supersonic Race Update

Issue 111 Lead Article - 1st May 1997

Jordan Departure Delayed

by Richard Noble

On Press Day April 27th, during a high-speed run on the Farnborough runway, differential light-up of the ThrustSSC engine afterburners caused a slight swing and this was steered out by driver Andy Green. On stopping at the end of the runway it was found that the steering wheel was displaced and the steering system had yielded.

A full audit of the steering system was kindly carried out by teams from MIRA and DERA Chertsey, and the shaft connectors replaced. Both audit teams expressed satisfaction with the standard of design.

ThrustSSC runs on May 2nd and the departure to Jordan has had to be delayed until the 17th - the earliest date at which the giant HeavyLift-VolgaDnepr Antonov can be made available.

Richard Noble

The author of this article, Richard_Noble, is the ThrustSSC's Project Leader and held the World Land Speed Record from 1983 to 1997.

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